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Since his ambitious debut in 1997, with a runway of 240 looks, Fabrizio Célleri has been an invaluable figure for the local and international industry. Renowned for his focus on textures and volumes, his textile manipulation, his delicate cuts and architectural aesthetics-translated from his background in interior design-Célleri's brand is the epitome of unconventional luxury.Beyond the invocation in its designs, the precision of its lines and its exquisite finishes, it is the intrinsic cuts and sublime textile intervention that redefine luxury; with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind, timeless, unrepeatable and highly constructed pieces that position the brand as unique.A career spanning more than 26 years has established Fabrizio as a provocateur, an innovator and a persistent force in fashion, and his honed expertise has nurtured his vision for his ready-to-wear and ready-to-couture lines. Continuously pushing the envelope.


YOU" is the new bet of designer Fabrizio Célleri, which arises as a result of a state of creative reflection, encouraged by the mandatory pause imposed years ago by the current pandemic.

An edition that marks a milestone in the history of the brand, being the first collection designed entirely under the daily wear concept.

The new era of CÉLLERI bases its clothing manifesto on comfort and sophisticated practicality, which is appropriate to competently dress women in any eventuality, an intention that stems from a review of the brand's archives.

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